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  • Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon - June 29, 2014
  • Ironman Florida swim start. November 2013
  • Tuesday Night Group Ride 2014
  • Ironman Florida, November 2013
  • The best club volunteers around!
  • Marnie reacts to seeing her club friends during Ironman Chattanooga
  • Derek swims in the TN river during IM Chattanooga
  • Buster Britton, 2013.

Upcoming Events

Sunrise Speedplay

Thu Jul 20 @ 5:30AM - 07:00AM

Group Ride

Tue Jul 25 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM

Sunrise Speedplay

Thu Jul 27 @ 5:30AM - 07:00AM

Group Ride

Tue Aug 01 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM

Sunrise Speedplay

Thu Aug 03 @ 5:30AM - 07:00AM
Vulcan Triathletes is a not-for-profit organization created to promote the sport of triathlon in Birmingham.
  • 2017 Tour de France Strava Challenge

    Tour de France logo.svg

    Want to win a snazzy jersey that will make all your fellow triathletes GREEN with envy? Well then...this summer the club will host a just for fun Le Tour de Birmingham. You will have to log onto the clubs STRAVA account to join. Strava segments for the contest will be listed below and we will have segments for both long and short course. Workouts will automatically download from your Garmin Connect account or you can use the Strava app on your phone. This fun contest is open to current club members only.

    We will award both a Male and Female winner in the following categories:

    Yellow Jersey - The 3 week average of each riders MPH in the combined segments. You can choose which route you do (long course or short) since it’s only average MPH.

    This strava segment will NOT have the Belmont climb in it, but you can still ride Belmont to compete in the Polka Dot competition. This way someone NOT wanting to climb can still participate. 

    Polka Dot Jersey - The rider with the fastest average time climbing Belmont Rd.

    White Jersey- Best New Rider (must be new to cycling within the last 2 years). We will take the average MPH for each week. ***please let the club know if you qualify for this category.***

    Green Jersey - Most Improved Time over the entire period. This will be based on your average MPH in the segments.

    BONUS POINTS are awarded for each ride you participate in, so the person who is the fastest but only comes to one ride, may not win the jersey. The rider who participates each week has the best chance. PARTICIPATION COUNTS!

    The following Strava segments will be the designated “zones” that we will award points:

    1.     Grants Mill - Sicard Hollow to Overton (2.6 miles) (long course). Irondale – Industrial Pace line until first RR crossing (short course).

    2.     Last Climb Up Old Leeds (0.9 miles) (long course).  BOT – Hwy 78 Pace line zone to the hill (short course).

    3.     Dash Down the parkway (mtn. brook parkway) – both courses.

    4.   KOM segment: Belmont Rd - both courses.

    In honor of Le Tour this contest will kick off on July 11th.

    An example of how it works:

    July 11th

    Matt - 1st place: 10 points + 5 participation = 15

    Jake - 2nd place: 8 points + 5 participation = 13

    Burt - 3rd place: 6 points + 5 participation = 11

    4th place and below: 4 points + 5 Participation = 9

    *These points are added to the July 12th and 19th rider points.

    July 18th

    Craig - 1st place: 10 points +5 = 15 (did not come to July 5th ride - NO extra points)

    Jake - 2nd place: 8 points + 5 = 13 + 13 from July 5th = 26 POINTS

    Max - 3rd place: 6 points + 5 = 11 + 9 from July 5th = 20 points

    4th place and below: 4 points + 5 participation (Burt placed 8th so he has 9 from this week and 9 from last week = 18).

    *Jake is winning because he had good rides both weeks. Max moves into 2nd place because he came both weeks. Burt is in 3rd even though he finished in the back because he participated both weeks. This will make the July 19th ride VERY important.

    You can participate in all categories (except Best New Rider - unless you meet the 2 year qualification), but you can only win ONE jersey (someone can not take both the yellow and polka dot - Sorry, we want to share the fun!).

    To Join the Vulcan Tri Club on Strava:

    1.     Create a Strava account if you don’t currently have one. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)

    2.     Under the “Explore” tab at the top, choose “Clubs”.

    3.     Type in “Vulcan Tri” in the box asking to search for Club Name. You can leave location box blank. Make sure the circle “All” is check-marked and then hit Search.

    4.    The Vulcan Tri club page should appear and you can Join from there.

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  • Ironman TriClub Program

    Ironman is pleased to announce exciting new changes to our race registration process offered to TriClubs and TriClub members. These changes are:

    • ·Early Entry for all IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events
    • ·Priority Tiered Pricing
    • ·2018 Deferral Program
    • ·2018 Payment Plan Option

    Early Entry

    For years you have told us that one of the greatest benefits we can offer you as a community is early entry into our events. Specifically beginning with the event opening of IRONMAN Texas and IRONMAN Boulder, affiliated TriClub members along with IRONMAN All World Athletes will be offered early entry to every IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 event in North America.

    We hope that this new benefit helps you build your membership and offer value to your members. We also hope that this benefit will enable you to rally the troops to your key races in 2018.


    We will not be asking you for your rosters. It will be the responsibility of your athletes to create a profile on IRONMAN.com, select your club and opt in to email communication. Athletes who already have a profile should login and make sure that your email address and email preferences are up to date. With our first races opening soon, we strongly suggest you get the word out to your teams to get their profiles lined up.

    A couple of links to help you get the word out: 

    Please note that when your athletes affiliate they do NOT impact your 2017 Club Division. Divisions are set based at the beginning of the calendar year on racing clubs athletes the year before. Once an account is created it will take 24 hours for registrations, results and the TriClub drop down menu to appear.

    Priority Tiered Pricing 

    IRONMAN is also moving to a Tiered Pricing model based on slot inventory rather than dates. Slots at each tier are limited and once slots are sold out, the price will increase. This new pricing model also provides value to your club. Athletes who take advantage of the early entry offer will have "first crack" at limited Priority Tier slots, effectively providing your club members with the lowest possible entry fee for their event registration. Priority Tiered slots are extremely limited. 

    2018 Deferral Program

    Athletes who register within the first 90 days of general entries becoming available are eligible to defer their entry into the next year's event at no cost. All requests will be honored until 45 days out from the original event date. The deferral may only be used once. Athletes who elect to defer their entries forfeit any partial refund or insurance refund. Deferrals are only available for individual entries and not for relay teams.

    2018 Payment Plan Option

    Athletes who register for IRONMAN events (this is not offered for IRONMAN 70.3 races) within the first 90 days of general entries becoming available may elect to pay via a three-part payment plan. Athletes will be charged the Tier 3 price in three equal installments. To elect the payment plan, an athlete needs to register under the "Payment Plan" category during the first 90 days of general entries being available and make the initial $250 payment. Athletes will then receive instructions on when they can expect the next payment link and due dates for subsequent payments. All three payments must be completed for an athlete to race – partial payments will not be refunded or honored as race entries. Athletes electing the payment plan may also utilize the deferral option listed above once all three payments have been completed.

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  • Tuesday Night Ride: Route Change - We Need Your Feedback

    tuesday group shot


    It has come to our attention that Ruffner Road is extremely rough, which makes it more challenging to ride together as a group or pace line. It has been suggested that we change our Long Course option to avoid Ruffner Rd. The proposed route would be as follows:

    - Out the normal route through the neighborhoods - Veer Right onto 78 - Take 78 all the way to Rex Lake - Right turn onto Rex Lake - Right turn onto Grants Mill Rd. - Right turn onto Grantswood - Left turn onto Karl Daly - Hit Old Leeds and back to the parking lot as normal.

    If you would like to tell us your thoughts we will have a poll going on our Facebook page. Please take a minute to complete the poll and let us know what you think. 

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  • ROKA: Special Discounts for Memorial Day!

    ROKA is having a Memorial Day Sale and Vulcan Tri is eligible for 30% off almost all items! This is a 5-10% deeper discount than our standard so take advantage of it. 

    Now through May 30th receive 30% off from the following categories: -Wetsuits -Swimskins -SIM Shorts -Goggles -Swim Equipment -Sunglasses -Run Apparel -Tri Race Apparel -Cycling Apparel

    In addition, ROKA has assistance for anyone that has sizing or other product related questions. For help you can call: 1-877-985-7652, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

    Make sure to head over to our discounts page first to get your special code for this SALE, and then shop away!

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  • ROKA Sponsorship

    ROKA logo

    We are super excited to announce that ROKA has joined up with the Vulcan Tri Club for the remainder of the 2017 year.  All current members will receive discounts on all of their products! To get your discount codes please make sure you are logged into our website. 

    All current members will receive 25% off of the following: wetsuits, swimskins, swimwear, and swim eqiupment.

    All current members will receive 20% off of the following: cycling products, tri apparel, sunglasses, and run products.

    To check out the latest ROKA gear: Get Roka

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